This week in sustainability

The Plastiki, a boat constructed from 12,000 plastic water bottles, safely crossed the Pacific Ocean and docked in Sydney, Australia this week. The voyage sought to raise awareness of the massive floating plastic islands in the world’s oceans, such as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is roughly the size of Texas.

What can you do? Cut out the use of single use plastics. If you do use them, be sure to recycle them properly, but know that most of the time, they’re actually being downcycled, or turned into a less valuable product. To learn more about downcycling and innovative design ideas check out Cradle to Cradle. When you recycle, be sure to follow the local guidelines. Putting items in the mix that can’t be recycled corrupts the batch, wasting energy, time and money. Check out Columbia’s video on recycling.

–Stakeholders will come together next week to discuss a compromise on Missouri’s renewable energy future. The issue—whether investor-owned utilities will be required to meet Missouri’s renewable energy standard by purchasing or producing power from Missouri and regional sources, or whether they can buy renewable energy credits from anywhere to meet the standard. Check out the article at the Missourian.

–Climate legislation was passed—on to the next legislative session, but Congress still might pass a national renewable energy standard next week. Rep. Mark Thompson, D-Calif, introduced a bill that would provide a national legislative fix to the residential PACE program. Gov. Nixon signed PACE into law a few weeks ago.

–The oil has stopped flowing from the BP spill, but the ramifications of the both the oil and the dispersants used to clean up the mess remains to be seen.


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  1. I have heard rumors of a place in town that recycles 5 and 6 plastics but can never get the name of the place. Do you know? Would love to stop lugging mine to Tulsa and Dallas when we visit family.


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